Q:What's a Chromebook

A: Quick youtube video

Q: What is my student issued?

A: Google ChromebookLaptop bag, and  power adapter

Q: Will my student have an email address? 

A: The school has created a Google account for every student 7-12. This includes all services that Google offers (Gmail,Drive,YouTube,Google Plus,etc). For email we have a closed campus scenario. Students are allowed to email each other and his or her teachers but cannot send or receive email from the outside world.

Q: How do I connect to a wireless network

Q: Can I install software on my Chromebook?

A: You cannot install traditional software on a Chromebook. Chromebooks come loaded with Chrome OS. You can install apps and web extensions but not traditional software such as Microsoft Office.

Q: How about a mouse? 

A: The school will not be issuing mice or have wireless mice available for students. You can buy a wireless mouse to connect to the Chromebook. We have had a variety of mice connected to them without any problem. My personal recommendation would be to buy a wireless mouse from Logitech but any should work.

Q: Will I be able to print

A: We will not have any printers available for the chrome books to print. We believe with the sharing features in Google Docs that most students will not need to print. If you do need to print a document from your Google drive you can login to one of the lab computers and print what you need.

Q: Will the device be filtered off of school property? 

A: The school at this point is not required by law to filter internet access off of school property. 

Q: Do I need internet?

A: Yes and no. As long as you have logged into the Chromebook before you can log into it offline. Google docs, presentation and drawings allow editing offline now.For more info take a look at https://support.google.com/drive/answer/1628467?hl=en

Q: What if I need the internet but don't have it at home? 

A: The public library has public internet access for students during business hours.

Q: Can I charge my device at school? 

A: We would like all devices be charged at home. Our classrooms are not equipped to handle the electrical load nor do we have adequate outlets in each room. During study hall we do have a charging station in the library that can accommodate 12 devices at a time.

Q: Where do I store my device? 

A: We recommend a safe place at home away from pets and younger siblings. It is not recommended to leave your device in your locker overnight.

Q: What if my device is stolen? 

A: You will need to file a Police report for any stolen devices and inform the school within 2 days. 

Q: What about co-curricular events?

A: We recommend leaving your device at school in a safe place until you return from your event.

Q: Can I take my device with me to lunch?

A: You will not be allowed to take your device with you during lunch. The school cafeteria is not an appropriate place for electronics.

Q: What if my device is broken?

A: You will need to report any broken device to the Office or Technology Department.

Q: What if I didn't pay my deposit? 

A: Your child will not be issued a device if the deposit has not been paid. Once that deposit is made you or your student will be issued a device.